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Simple and intuitive forms that work anywhere on your website without the hassle. Batteries included.

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Widely Supported

We are available on every major platform that you build with.

Slack Zapier

More Coming Soon...

Connect to 3rd-party services like Slack and Zapier easily.

Why betterform?

Simple & Reliable

Get started in 5 minutes and never miss a lead or support request ever again. Our forms just work.

Own Your Data

Privacy is paramount to us, so you own your data. It’s yours forever. Export your data at any time.

File Uploads

File uploads without any hassle or additional setup. Just enable the file upload feature.

How it works

Embed our script on your page, and add an attribute to any HTML form to receive submissions in your admin panel - no backend coding required.

Embed script

Just paste our Javascript script at the beginning of your HTML page.

Add attribute

Add the BetterForm form attribute to any form on your website and we’ll take it from there.

Free Forever

Add a betterform logo on your form to get unlimited submissions for that project. Learn More

Get Setup in 5 Minutes

Supercharge your forms

It doesn’t get simpler than this. Paste our script, add an attribute, and you’re ready to accept submissions. No heavy lifting.

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